MuMMER presence at ICRA 2018

MuMMER researchers will take part in several events at the ICRA 2018 conference in Australia in May 2018.

MuMMER PI's Rachid Alami from LAAS/CNRS and Amit Kumar Pandey from SoftBank Robotics Europe will both speak at the ICRA Social Robotics Forum.

In addition, the paper "Deep Neural Networks for Multiple Speaker Detection and Localization" by MuMMER researchers Weipeng He, Petr Motlicek and Jean-Marc Odobez from Idiap shows that the deep learning-based method achieves 90% precision and recall for localizing multiple speakers in real robot recordings. The authors propose a neural networks for simultaneous detection and localization of multiple sound sources in human-robot interaction. In contrast to conventional signal processing techniques, neural network-based sound source localization methods require fewer strong assumptions about the environment. The likelihood-based encoding of the network output, proposed by the authors, naturally allows the detection of an arbitrary number of sources. Experiments on real data recorded from a robot show that our proposed methods significantly outperform the popular spatial spectrum-based approaches. 

Video from Idiap

First published: 22 May 2018

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