Isabel Buchanan

The Human Rights Barrister who worked on Pakistan's Death Row

Degree: Law (2010)

UofG grad and Human Rights Barrister Isabel must have made one of the most brave post-graduation decisions covered on the Sound Tracks Podcast. At age 23, after graduating from the Law School, Isabel went to work in Pakistan, on death row.

In this episode, Isabel discusses the decisions she made along the way to becoming the Barrister she is today and how it’s a balance of listening to your gut and then analysing the available information that works for her. 

Isabel has written an award-winning book – Trials on Death Row in Pakistan – which documents her transformative experience working in a new legal chambers in Lahore. Today, Isabel works for Blackstone Chambers in London, on a wide variety of cases and projects.

From UofG law student, to lawyer, to author, to Barrister… the verdict is unanimous that Isabel’s story is not one you can skip. 

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