Kevin Sneader

The McKinsey Global Managing Partner, who’s identified the key enemy of confidence

Degree: Law (1988)

When Kevin Sneader submitted his application to McKinsey, one of the world’s largest consultancy firms, as a UofG law graduate fresh out of University, he couldn’t have known it was the start of a career that would span decades, cross continents and ultimately take him to Hong Kong, where he is now Global Managing Partner.

In this latest episode of UofG Sound Tracks, Kezia travelled to Hong Kong and met Kevin at the McKinsey office to hear about his incredible career journey.

From technology and artificial intelligence to the global climate crisis, Kevin touches on some of the major issues facing the world, and the global workforce, today.

He explains why the key to good leadership is good listening, and how, as a leader, his biggest motivator is helping people to achieve their professional goals. Plus he shares how effective time management can help to ensure that we all pursue our passions and get away from the daily grind.

Kevin describes himself as an optimist - and he truly is! His belief in the power of curiosity, seizing opportunities and being yourself is something we can all learn from.