Neil Oliver

The Archaeology Student who dug himself a niche multi-hyphen career

Degree: Archaeology (1988)

‘That guy from Coast’, Neil Oliver, has one of the most recognisable voices to give you sound advice in this latest episode. Archaeologist-broadcaster-author-journalist... he’s carved out a unique niche for himself in his multi-hyphen career and he’s about to give you the tools he used to do it.

Listen out for: Neil’s advice for those in a job they’re not in love with, what he thinks about career planning and how he’s used contacts, connections and friends all the way along his journey.

What’s your Soundtrack?: This week we ask UofG Future World Changer Student Kenny to pick 3 songs along the theme of Neil’s career! Is this the trickiest challenge yet? Find out how Kenny got on and more about his own archaeological project.