Getting Started

Students using laptop on benches

We recommend you read over the 2019 Alumni Association Overview which will give you an understanding of how associations are established and maintained. For a more detailed account of Glasgow Alumni Associations please get in touch with

  • Once you’ve read through the Overview document email
  • We will help you determine whether there are enough alumni in your area for an association. Should there not be enough alumni for an association, we would encourage you to become one of our Global Alumni Contacts.
  • If there are enough alumni for an association, we would recommend you draft an introductory email, which we can help you with and will send out on your behalf. This will give you an idea of the level of interest from alumni wanting to be part of your Association.
  • All Association Coordinators and Global Alumni Contacts will be asked to sign a contract of agreement.
  • Now you have a better idea of the level interest, you can start to plan your first gathering. Again – we’ll be there to help with this when needed.