What Are Alumni Associations?

Students sitting under a tree in Kelvingrove Park

‌The large majority of our alumni are more than happy to maintain their links with Glasgow following graduation. There are no rules for how our Associations operate – they all work in their own unique way, bringing our alumni together and supporting the University. Our Alumni Associations are a vital part of the University’s global profile and provide:

  • Opportunities for our alumni to keep in touch with one another and the University
  • New alumni the chance to create new friendships
  • Fun and enjoyable social opportunities
  • Valuable business and academic networking opportunities to other alumni and for the University

To find out if there's an Alumni Association in your area, check our list of Alumni Associations.

Retired Staff Association

The Retired Staff Association exists to enable all retired staff & spouses/partners to keep in touch with the University and each other. Visit the Retired Staff Association Home Page for further information.