Development & Alumni Team

The Development & Alumni Team raises funds for a range of vital University projects and enhances the University's relationships with its alumni and friends worldwide.

Executive Team - led by Fran Shepherd

Director of Development & Alumni

Fran Shepherd


Head of Planning & Development Operations

Amanda McKeown


Head of Alumni Engagement

Emily Howie


Head of Strategic Philanthropy 

Margaret Clift

Alumni & Supporter Engagement Team - led by Emily Howie

Head of Alumni & Supporter Engagement 

Emily Howie


Supporter Engagement Manager 

Michaella Mitchell


Supporter Engagement Officer

Suzi Costigan


Supporter Engagement Assistant 



Alumni Manager

Kate Carlin 


Alumni Officer – Groups and Networks 

Rosie Simm


Alumni Officer - Colleges 

Angharad Jones


Senior Alumni Assistant 

Alice Fuller


Alumni Assistant

Laura White 


Alumni Manager (Adam Smith Business School) 

Matthew Inglesant


International Alumni Officer (Adam Smith Business School) 



Alumni Officer (Adam Smith Business School)

Katie Forsyth 


Alumni Assistant (Adam Smith Business School) 



Alumni Assistant (Adam Smith Business School) 

Simin Wu 


Events Manager 

Amy Beth Jordan 


Senior Events Coordinator

Nicola Smock


Senior Events Coordinator

Robert Davies 


Events Coordinator 

John Neil Rice


Events Coordinator

Katie Allan-Mackenzie 


Events Coordinator 

Alexandra Irvine 


Planning & Development Operations - led by Amanda McKeown

Head of Planning & Development Operations 

Amanda McKeown


Gift and Funding Manager 

Ann Logan 


Senior Gift Management Officer 

Patricia Wood


Gift Management Officer 

Kevin Kininmonth 


Projects, Policy & Planning Manager 

Oana Baboolal


Planning Assistant/PA 

Hazel Quinn 


Insight and Reporting Analyst

James Coleman


Research Manager 

Morna Black 


Research Officer 

Isabel McNeil Watson


Research Assistant 

Souchun Chien


Systems and Database Manager

Euan Kennedy


Systems & Database Support Team Leader

Rob Bishop


Systems & Database Support Officer

Maeve Convery 


Support Assistant 

Aislinn Manzi 

Philanthropy Team - led by Margaret Clift

Head of Strategic Philanthropy

Margaret Clift


Philanthropy Manager (Major Gifts) 



Philanthropy Officer 

Richard McConnell  


Philanthropy Officer

Liam Kelly 


Philanthropy Officer (Major Gifts)

Clare McTaggart


Global Philanthropy Manager

Catherine Mulgrew 


Global Philanthropy Officer

Jessica Constable 


Global Philanthropy Assistant

Ruth Burns-Hart 


Philanthropy Manager (Legacies & Trusts) 

Fiona Orr


Philanthropy Officer (Trusts)

Margaux Achard-Brown


Legacy Gift Manager 

Barrie Bryson    


Legacy Philanthropy Officer 

Laura Morton


Legacies Assistant 



Philanthropy Coordinator 

Susanne Hill  


Stewardship Manager 

Aislinn McVeigh  


Scholarships Stewardship Officer  

Hilda de Groot 


Stewardship Assistant