Skills Workshops

The Graduate School's workshops are designed to meet the changing needs of your research journey. Some are targeted at the early stages (setting off), whilst others are directed at the middle stage (en route). Completing a PhD comes with its own challenges (Reaching your Destination).

  • Setting Off - (FT: Year 1; PT: Years 1-2)
  • En Route - (FT: Year 2; PT: Years 2-4)
  • Reaching your Destination (Arrival) - (FT: Year 3; PT: Years 4-5)

In your first year of study (or first two years, if part-time) you are required to complete at least six workshops.

Four of these are mandatory:

1. Setting Off: A Guide to your PhD Study at the University of Glasgow

2. Research Integrity (organised by Researcher Development)

3. Equality and Diversity Essentials (online) 

4. Information Security Awareness (online) 

If you are new to the University of Glasgow, we also recommend that you complete Key Library tools for starting your research in Arts to familiarise yourself with the university library and our very helpful librarians.

Beyond these, the choice is yours!

Irrespective of previous experience, all first year students are required to complete these courses. 

Students in their second and third year of full-time study (or equivalent, part-time) are required to select and complete at least two (or one, if part-time) Graduate School or central University’s Researcher Development workshops per year. This is a requirement of graduation.

Students who are registered as Thesis Pending should have completed the skills development requirements prior to entering this stage and are, therefore, not required to undertake any skills development workshops.