How to apply for postgraduate research study

Before submitting an application for postgraduate research study, please refer to our Entry Requirements.

You may wish to consult the research pages of the School or Subject Area to which you propose to apply and make informal contact with the relevant Postgraduate Convener or individual staff members whose research interests closely match your own, but do bear in mind that a formal offer can only be made after a complete application is submitted and processed.

To submit an application for postgraduate research study, please visit How to apply for a postgraduate research degree and follow the five step process.

As part of your application you will be required to upload the following documentation:

  • a transcript of your degree results 
  • two references
  • your CV
  • a research proposal of around 1000 words‌,‎ having made reference to our Guidelines for Research Proposals 
  • a sample of your academic writing (e.g. an essay or a chapter from a thesis, etc)