Postgraduate research by distance learning

The College of Arts & Humanities offers Postgraduate Research programmes by Distance Learning.

This means that students whose projects are suitable for Distance Learning are still able to register on a Postgraduate Research (PGR) programme and undertake the majority of their studies from their home location.

Is a Distance Learning PGR programme right for me?

It is important to note that not all postgraduate research projects are suitable for Distance Learning.

In order to be accepted onto a Distance Learning PGR programme, it is crucial that you have discussed the project in detail with your prospective supervisor and can be sure that you will have access to the resources you will need.

You will need to be resilient, motivated and proactive in seeking out research and support networks (guided by your supervisor) since studying at a distance means you will not have access to the same in-person networks as those studying in Glasgow.

What support and resources will be available to me?

You will receive exactly the same level of supervision as in-person students, but supervision will take place online (usually Zoom or Teams).

You will also be offered access to the University of Glasgow Library’s wide range of online resources and services which will be able to support many projects remotely (please note it will be your responsibility to check that you are able to access the resources you need from your home location).

Evidently, however, there are some projects which will not be suitable for distance learning, such as those which draw heavily on archival material held at Glasgow. The question of whether a distance learning programme is suitable for any individual applicant should be addressed with the prospective supervisor at the point of inquiry.

While research events such as seminars, conferences and workshops based at Glasgow are increasingly being made available online, some such events are held in-person only – as of course are many social events. So it is important to discuss your expectations of engaging with the wider research community with your prospective supervisor.

What training will I be able to access?

We provide a wide range of training for our PGR students here at Glasgow.

All compulsory training workshops for PGR students are available online; at least 2/3 of the training provided by the College is online; and at University level all training provided by Researcher Development is available online.

We are constantly expanding the number of training workshops available online. There may also be other relevant training available to you locally or online, and your supervisor will guide you on what is appropriate to support your research.

How often will I need to come to Glasgow?

Students on a Distance Learning PGR programme are normally expected to meet their supervisors in person once a year; this usually coincides with the student’s Annual Progress Review.

We expect students to cover the costs of any visits themselves. International students will also need to be mindful of the time it can take to obtain a short-term study visa.

What will I pay, and what funding is available?

In line with other Universities who offer Distance Learning PGR programmes, fees for these programmes are the same as for in-person.

Students on a Distance Learning programme are currently not eligible for scholarship funding.

Students will be eligible to apply to the College for in-programme funding for some costs arising in relation to e.g. presenting at conferences.

How do I apply?

Applicants for Distance Learning PGR programmes will need to provide the same application materials as those applying for in-person programmes, but you will also be asked to provide a short additional statement (maximum 250 words).

This document should explain why you wish to study by Distance Learning, and set out how you will be able to complete your programme of research from your home location, including confirmation that you have discussed your research project with your prospective supervisor and that they support the application.