Welcome to the College of Social Sciences

Professor Sara Carter is Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Social Sciences

Welcome to the College of Social Sciences. An image of Sara Carter in a blue blazer and black t-shirt inside the main university of Glasgow building

We offer a supportive environment for inspiring people to create a more equitable society for citizens across the world.

The College comprises five academic schools and is home to over 1,300 staff and 13,000 students. We address significant social and economic challenges and injustices and help shape changes in behaviours and social structures. Through social and organisational research, we focus on understanding and transforming societies, and provide our graduates with the knowledge, skills and insight to become future world changers.

Our world renowned research is based on three pillars: strong subject disciplines; interdisciplinary research themes that address some of the world’s greatest challenges; and strong external partnerships, collaborating and co-producing with our research users.

We look forward to you studying, working and collaborating with us.

Professor Sara Carter

Senior Management Group