Procedure for setting up internally funded scholarships

Procedure for setting up internally funded scholarships

This process is the standard process for staff who have funding from from the College of Social Sciences to provide funding to a Postgraduate Researcher within the College of Social Sciences. If the funding is for a Postgraduate Taught or Undergraduate student, please liaise with your Schools Finance Team to arrange the payments.


1. Confirm agreement of funding from College in writing (Head of College or College Finance)

2. Pass confirmation to Graduate School and College Finance


1. Liaise with the Graduate School who will arrange to advertise the funding opportunity using a College advertisement template and application documents

2. Funding opportunities will be advertised on University and College webpages as standard

3. Funding opportunities linked to a pre-defined project will be advertised on the College's account

4. If there is funding for further advertisement (either from the your School or Research Group), please liaise with your Schools administration teams to arrange this

5. It is highly recommended that you also use your own, your Schools' and Research Groups' social, professional and research networks to advertise the funding opportunity


1. Liaise with the Graduate School on timeframe for selection of candidates using set application procedure

2. Notify Graduate School when successful applicant is selected.

3. Graduate School will issue official funding award letter, inviting the successful applicant to lodge a formal application into the PhD. Funding will be conditional on acceptance into the PhD

4. Admission application must be submitted by successful applicant in order to generate student record and confirm the funding.