This short course has been designed to help you explore the employability value of your dissertation. We will investigate some of the key skills you will develop through the dissertation process and have a look at some ways you can use the dissertation to enhance your employability by tailoring the topic and collaborating with external organisations.

Whether you are in Junior or Senior Honours, a Masters student or even just keen to get started planning for your dissertation, this course will help you to reflect on:  

  • The employability value of your dissertation;
  • The skills you will develop through the research process; and 
  • How you can make your dissertation vocationally relevant through a collaboration with an external organisation.

The course will also give you access to our database of external organisations who are keen to collaborate with our students. 

Students who complete College Employability Programme courses will receive digital badges and certificates to showcase their achievements to employers. 

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If you have any questions about the Programme, please get in touch with the CoSS Employability Team

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