Throughout your degree you will be tasked with developing and delivering presentations, both individually and in a group. It is also something many of you are likely to have to face in your chosen careers. Presenting in front of an audience can be challenging and daunting. 

This course is part of our College Employability Programme and has been designed to  equip you with the tools to present with confidence, and present your argument in a clear and impactful way. 

The course will provide you with guidance and examples of effective presentations and culminates in the opportunity for you to practise your presentation and receive detailed feedback and advice from one of our College Employability Tutors.

Students who complete College Employability Programme courses will receive digital badges and certificates to showcase their achievements to employers. 

Get started: Practical Presentation Skills

If you have any questions about the Programme, please get in touch with the CoSS Employability Team

My Practical Presentation Skills journey