Our College Employability Programme Skills Days will throw you into a series of workplace challenges designed to test your ability to be assertive, work effectively in teams, and communicate your strengths and professional identity. 

How do I know if I am ready? 

Don't worry! Our Skills Days are about practising your professional skills in a safe space where you can make mistakes and fail as many times as you need to succeed. In fact, if you do fail, you will probably learn even more! 

Our Skills Days are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the College of Social Sciences. 


Our Skills Day- Assertiveness will immerse you in interactive role play scenarios where you can strengthen your self-confidence as you learn how to navigate challenging professional situations.

You will master the art of influencing others in a professional setting, acquire invaluable negotiation techniques and learn how to assertively set and maintain boundaries. 



Our Skills Day- Understanding & Articulating your Strengths, will help you to better understand who you are, what your emerging professional identity might be, and how to communicate your unique selling points to employers. 

You will be supported to develop your self-awareness, assess your values, target your career ambitions and pitch your professional skills to employers.

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