Writing a Policy Brief

Throughout your studies you will be expected to develop strong research skills. This may include an understanding of how to develop research questions, use and apply research methods, and structure research reports and dissertations. Despite the importance of these skills and their transferability to the world of work, the vast majority of our students will go into jobs outside of academia. One of the key skills these students will need is an ability to communicate their research findings to informed non-specialists with little or no academic background.

This course is part of our College Employability Programme and sets out to develop these skills and support your ongoing employability by teaching you how to communicate your research effectively through the medium of a short, practically-focused Policy Brief. This course has 4 units starting with an exploration of the purpose and value of the policy brief, before moving onto its structure and format. The course will draw on real examples of policy briefs and will provide templates for you to use in your own work.

Students who complete College Employability Programme courses will receive digital badges and certificates to showcase their achievements to employers. 

Get started: Writing a Policy Brief

If you have any questions about the course, please get in touch with the CoSS Employability Team.

Alejandra's Writing a Policy Brief journey