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Where do the funds come from?
The funds come from our generous donors who have opted to support the Chancellor's Fund.

What size of grant is awarded?
It is unlikely that grants awarded will exceed £6,000-£7,000. Awards are dependent on the amount available for disbursement and on the number of applications received.

How long do you have to spend the funds?
If your application is successful, you have 2 years to spend the funds. If there are any funds not spent within this period, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are returned. This makes sure that the fund can continue and support other great projects in the future. 

How often does the Chancellor’s Fund Advisory Board meet to consider applications?
The Advisory Board meet twice a year, in April and October, to consider applications. Applications close approximately four weeks before this date. All applicants must wait two years before re-applying.

How many applications can a School send into the Chancellor’s Fund?
A School or Institute may submit more than one application, but if they do so, the Head of School or College will be asked to prioritise applications and only the top four applications from the College will be sent to us. This does not mean that only one application will be funded.

Can I apply for funding for research projects?
The Chancellor’s Fund does not usually award funds for research projects. Any grants given tend to be to seedcorn funding for projects which may lead on to a full research project. Applicants would have to provide good reason as to why other more conventional sources of research income were not available.

Are any other projects ineligible?
We do not fund scholarships of any type for individuals involved in a personal project. We also cannot fund projects retrospectively - where the event or project has already taken place. Individual sporting groups and individuals involved in sport are supported through awards made to University Sport or GUSA. Funds will be limited if requested for travel, venue hire, rewards or prizes, field trips or placements for individuals. Catering will only be supported if vital for the project’s success, note that dinners, meals, and alcohol will not be supported 

My project is connected to Learning and Teaching – what should I do?
You should ask the Vice-Principal of Learning & Teaching to endorse your application (an email attached to your application is sufficient). This is to ensure that the application is in harmony with the Learning & Teaching strategy and that something similar is not being done elsewhere in the University.

At what point in my funding quest should I apply to the Chancellor’s Fund?
The Advisory Board is likely to give preference to applications where some funding has already been secured, preferably to a level where this would match any funding given by the Chancellor’s Fund. The Trustees tend to look more favourably upon applications where all other sources of funding have been exhausted and the bid is to close a gap in funding or provide support for projects that are difficult to fund from other sources.

Why did the Chancellor’s Fund not provide all the funding I requested?
The contribution made to your project will be dependent on the size of the bid, the funds available for disbursement, and the likelihood of the remainder of any funding being secured from other sources. In some cases, part funding is given on the condition that the College/School matches the funding.