Deans for Global Engagement

International Engagement at Glasgow is led by Rachel Sandison, Vice-Principal, External Relations with support from Assistant Vice-Principal (International) Professor William Cushley.

In addition, Deans for Global Engagement work strategically at regional level to support internationalisation at University of Glasgow. The Deans:

  • support the Vice Principal, External Relations and the Assistant Vice-Principal (International) by acting as a source of expertise in their region’s education sector, and; 
  • provide advice and guidance to University of Glasgow staff, relating to government and the Higher Education sector.

Their role is to establish priorities and facilitate decisions that will enhance and support strategic internationalisation initiatives. Each Dean for Global Engagement is responsible for taking forward a regional strategy for the University - promoting academic business development including:

  • delivery of education;
  • collaborative research;
  • knowledge transfer activities, and;
  • student experience and recruitment.

The Deans manage relationships at all levels internally and externally - building the reputation of the University across their region. They identify, promote and support research by engaging with overseas governments and industry.

They also perform ambassadorial roles - representing the University within the region and to incoming delegations. 

Professor Mwapatsa Mipando (Acting)

Professor Mwapatsa Mipando
Dean for Global Engagement for Africa (Acting)  

The Americas - Professor William Cushley (Acting)

Professor William Cushley (Acting)
Dean for Global Engagement for the Americas

Europe - Professor Lorna Hughes

Professor Lorna Hughes 
Dean for Global Engagement for Europe

China and East Asia - Professor Konstantinos Kontis

Professor Konstantinos Kontis
Dean for Global Engagement for the China and East Asia
+44 (0)141 330 4337


Middle East and North Africa - Professor Tom Evans

Professor Tom Evans
Dean for Global Engagement for the Middle East and North Africa

Central and South Asia - Professor Moyra Boland

Professor Moyra Boland
Dean for Global Engagement for Central and South Asia
+44 (0)141 330 3057

South-east Asia and Australasia - Professor Clare McManus

Professor Clare McManus
Dean for Global Engagement for South-east Asia and Australasia
+44 (0)141 330 2849

College International Deans

The role of the Deans is to provide direction and oversight of strategic international activity at College level. The College International Deans are responsible for developing and implementing College International Strategies with the aim of expanding the international reach of the College with respect to student growth and diversity, student outward mobility, international consultancy and strategic research links. 

 Arts Professor Scott Spurlock
 MVLS Professor Matthew Walters
(copy in Christine Kerr, PA to Matthew Walters, for meeting requests)   

Professor Andy Waters

 Science and Engineering Dr Cristina Persano
Katherine Henderson
 Social Sciences Professor Graeme Roy