Priority partners and transnational education

Priority partners

Our priority partners are those institutions with and for which the university has invested funding with the specific objective of nurturing the relationship.

Transnational Education partners

Transnational education (TNE) gives students around the world the opportunity to study in their own country for a University of Glasgow degree.   


International networks and alliances

University networks

The University of Glasgow belongs the following membership networks: 

Funding is available for University of Glasgow staff who are interested in working with our strategic partners in the following networks: CIVIS, the GUILD and U21.

Other networks


Mobility partners

The University of Glasgow welcomes over 1500 visiting students every year and for current students there are various opportunities to study or work abroad. There are also opportunities for staff.

Mobility initiatives can last from a few weeks to a whole year and include:

  • The Study Abroad programme 
  • International exchanges.

Visit our individual country pages for a list of study abroad and exchange partners.

To find outward mobility by subject use our Go Abroad search.

Programme partners

We offer a number of degrees where we work closely with partners around the world to deliver programmes including:

These offer students, staff and institutions engagement with international partners and greater access to resources than in one single programme.

Further details of some of our partnerships programmes.