Smithsonian Showcase

University of Glasgow, 7 – 11 October

This year, the bond between the two institutions will be celebrated through the inaugural Smithsonian Showcase at the University of Glasgow during the week of 7 October.

The week-long event, organised by members of the Smithsonian Institution Strategic Partnership Working Group, aims to provide a forum for highlighting our existing collaborative research, teaching and exhibition projects; to raise awareness among University of Glasgow staff and students of the wealth of expertise and available research collections at The Smithsonian, and vice versa; to engage key Smithsonian Institution staff in initial discussions for the development of new partnerships; and to facilitate the opening up of strategic partnership themes between the University and the Smithsonian to staff and students across all Colleges of the University.

View a full schedule of the week’s talks, workshops and networking events:

If you would like to attend or participate in any of the events listed please register your place via the Eventbrite links listed under each session or contact Dr Allan Madden (History of Art) for more information.

Smithsonian Events

Smithsonian Events