Students at Dumfries campus with UofG sign

Beijing University for Chemical Technology (BUCT) 

BUCT students on recognised programmes can apply to enter Level 3 (Honours) on the specified programme at the University of Glasgow.


Study from Level 3 (Honours) with the University of Glasgow

Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) is affiliated to the Ministry of Education. As one of China's key institutions of higher learning, BUCT has developed from an institution of scientific specialties to a comprehensive university with a core curriculum of science, engineering, economic management, languages and other liberal arts. 

The University of Glasgow is in partnership with BUCT to allow students studying Chemistry, Applied Chemistry or Energy Chemistry to enter into Level 3 (Honours) of the BSc (Hons) Chemistry. 


Selected students will be awarded the University of Glasgow-BUCT Scholarship which is equivalent to 20 per cent of the annual tuition fee.