Graduate Teaching Assistants, Tutors and Lab Demonstrators


Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTHE) for GTAs, Tutors and Lab Demonstrators

The Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTHE) is a once-only training for new Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), (PhD) Tutors, and Lab Demonstrators. Academic Policy and Governance (APG) regulations indicate that you should receive a minimum of 6 hours training. A total of 3 hours is covered by ILTHE, the remaining 3 should be provided by your School/College.  

2023-24 Session 

The training involves a blended approach, requiring that GTAs, Lab Demonstrators and Tutors complete an online (asynchronous) course prior to attending a live training session that is currently scheduled to take place via Zoom throughout the semester. We are also offering a limited number of in-person training sessions.  

The live sessions last 2 hours and are delivered across the academic year and are scheduled for a range of dates across both Semester 1 and Semester 2 during the 2023/24 academic session. 

In order to enrol for a ILTHE session, participants MUST first complete the online ILTHE Moodle course that can be accessed here.  

After completing this online material participants can sign up for one of the live sessions via the same Moodle course. Dates for these are released on a rolling basis. 

It is attendance at the live group session that is used to gauge successful completion of the ILTHE training. 

Further Information 

Please note that this training is only for registered GTAs, Tutors and Lab Demonstrators within the University of Glasgow.  ILTHE is NOT the right place to enquire about securing employment as GTA, Tutor or Lab Demonstrator. Anyone unsure of their eligibility should contact their School/Institute directly and for browsing job opportunities, please visit the University’s vacancy webpage.  

We also require that anyone who enrols for a session must use their University of Glasgow email address and GUID.  

We also ask that participants please check their Eventbrite confirmation email to identify any other specific details for their training session. 

Further questions about the ILTHE training provision can  be sent by email.