RET Fellowship Categories

There are four categories of Fellowship you can apply for. Which of these is most suited to you, depends on your own professional experience of teaching and/or supporting learning. The category of Fellowship that is appropriate for you depends on your current activities within the field of Learning and Teaching, and not on the length of your career or on your job title.

During the introductory workshop, we will provide an overview of the requirements for each category and provide advice on which category would be appropriate for you.

Associate Fellow

Aimed primarily at those who teach university students, but whose teaching role might be limited, e.g. GTAs, library and careers staff, and others in learning support roles.

Note: completion of DAT HE confers RET Associate Fellowship.


Aimed primarily at staff in a more substantive teaching or learning support role, including responsibility across all areas of activity, enabling them to evidence all the Dimensions of the Professional Standards Framework. 

Note: completion of PGCAP confers RET Fellowship.

Senior Fellow

Aimed at experienced staff, whose comprehensive understanding and effective practice provides a basis from which they lead or influence those who teach and/or support high-quality learning.

Principal Fellow

Aimed at highly experienced staff, whose practice involves a sustained record of effectiveness in strategic leadership of high-quality learning. This is likely to be extensive and across their institution and/or wider (inter)national settings.