Assessment Regulations - Session 2022-23

In response to the Covid-19 global pandemic the University introduced a number of measures, such as the No Detriment policy. These measures varied some aspects of published degree regulations and the Code of Assessment. For 2022-23 all such measures have been removed and the University Regulations, as published, are fully in force. Information is given below in relation to any degree awards yet to be made where contributing assessment was taken in 2019-20 during the period covered by the No Detriment Policy.

Good Cause

Good Cause is the University's process concerning the impact of illness or other adverse circumstances on a student’s ability to demonstrate in assessment what they have learned. Good Cause claims are submitted via MyCampus.

During the pandemic the rules requiring evidence in support of claims were relaxed. From 2022-23, students are required to provide evidence as set out in sections 16.45 – 16.53. The FAQs on Good Cause recognise that students can sometimes experience difficulties in obtaining independent evidence, and indicate a range of possible sources of evidence.

Final awards including assessment from the 2019-20 session

The No Detriment Policy was introduced in response to the emergency situation that developed in the spring of 2020 and was applied to assessment scheduled in the period 16 March 2020 to 11 September 2020. For the vast majority of students, awards being made in the 2022-23 session will not include any assessment results from this time. For a small number (e.g. graduating honours or integrated masters students whose studies have been interrupted, part-time PGT students with a four or more year duration of study) there may still be some residual impact. Examples of the relevant calculations are available here. The same principles will be applied as in previous years: a baseline grade point average will be calculated for student performance from outwith the March 2020 - September 2020 period, and results from within that period will only be used where they are equal to or better than the baseline performance.

PGT Masters students completing in 2022-23 - requirements for award

See an overview of the requirements for award, includes students who commenced study before 2021-22.