Code of Practice for Exceptional International Examination Arrangements[1]

25.1  Arrangements to sit examinations away from the University may be made for students in exceptional cases. Such arrangements will normally only be authorised for examin­ations which take place outside semesters 1 and 2. Such students will normally have their place of ordinary residence outside the UK and have difficulty returning to the University to sit examinations. In exceptional circumstances students whose place of ordinary residence is in the UK may also have international examination arrangements made in terms of clause 5. Requests to sit examinations elsewhere in the UK will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, such as serious medical grounds or bereavement.

25.2  Procedure

1.  Any international student requesting special arrangements to be made should submit the request to the Registry at the earliest opportunity to allow time for the arrangements to be made. (Requests must, in any case, be submitted prior to the relevant enrolment period for the examinations.). Requests for special arrangements may be rejected where the Head of Registry considers that there is insufficient time from the receipt of the request to the date of the examination to reasonably allow for satisfactory arrangement to be made. In these circumstances the student will be expected to return to the University of Glasgow to undertake the examination.

2.  The Head of the Registry will check that the student's recorded place of ordinary residence is outside the UK and that a suitable location for the examination can be found. This will normally be a British Council Centre in the country of residence. Where one does not exist an arrangement may be made by the Head of Registry with a partner institution of the University of Glasgow in the country of residence. Failing this the student must travel to the nearest British Council or return to the University of Glasgow to undertake the examination.

The agreement of the relevant Head of School or their nominee (hereinafter referred to as Head of School) will be sought regarding the appropriateness of the arrangements proposed.

3.  All necessary arrangements will be made by the Registry.

4.  The international examination must take place at the same time as the examination held in Glasgow.

5.  Any requests for special arrangements away from Glasgow outwith the terms of these rules, including requests to sit exams elsewhere in the UK, will require the approval of the Clerk of Senate as well as the appropriate Head of School.

6.  Students will be required to pay an administrative charge and to cover any other costs of the special arrangements made that may be charged by the venue. Details of current charges are available from the Registry.

[1] Regulations 17, 21, 22 and 25 apply to on campus examinations.

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