Exam arrangements

Your subject area will confirm arrangements for your exams ahead of the next diet.

If you experience any difficulties on the day, please contact the helpdesk.

Please contact your Disability Adviser to discuss any issues or difficulties with your exam adjustments.

What the Disability Service does

Assessment of your needs

The role of the Disability Service is to decide with you what exam adjustments are required, and to notify your School and Registry of your requirements.

All exam support adjustments are subject to appropriate evidence being provided by the student.

Liason with Academic Departments

We work closely with Academic Departments and Advisers of Studies to support disabled students.

Each School has a Departmental Contact (DC) with whom the Disbaility service liaises to ensure that disabled students receive support and reasonable adjustments.

What we don't do

Disability Service is not involved in making the actual arrangements e.g. booking rooms for exams, deciding on start times (for students with extra time), the arranging of invigilators or readers or scribes, or other specific details relating to your exam arrangements. Please contact your academic school if you have any queries about any of this.

Request exam arrangements

If you require specific exam adjustments please submit a Study Support Request providing evidence to support your request.

Your individual examination requirements will be assessed by an Adviser.

What happens next?

  • The exam adjustments will be recorded on your MyCampus Record.
  • The necessary arrangements for Degree Examinations will then be put in place by the Examinations Officer.
  • Please note, if the adjustments are agreed after the Registry deadline, adjustments may not be in place for the current or upcoming exam session. These adjustments will, however, be implemented for subsequent sessions.
  • Your subject area(s) will provide you with notification of your exam adjustments outlining any particular information relevant to you, including location and times of your exams.

Link to Registry deadline dates for exam support

After this deadline there is no guarantee that exam arrangements can be made.


Link to University Regulations for exam support