Ideas for Mentoring

ECDP mentoring may include a range of activities or experiences as relevant to the mentee’s development needs and is intended to be ‘hands on’.  For example, the types of activities ECDP mentoring could include are:

  • providing assistance in the drafting of annual objectives , for example, including guidance on objectives as aligned to  promotional criteria based upon the participants progress on the programme;
  • providing feedback and guidance on a grant application;
  • sharing tips for success tips in writing grants, providing feedback on draft grant applications, reflecting on unsuccessful grant applications;
  • reviewing papers and  providing feedback;
  • identifying key networks to join, making introductions where possible;
  • Signposting to information and resources including making introductions to people and networks;
  • assisting in the interpretation of feedback (e.g. student feedback);
  • providing an overview of relevant aspects to R&T activities (e.g. Internationalisation, REF, Impact);
  • understanding committee structures and key roles relevant to career progression including, for example, an overview of the purpose of key committees, benefits of being involved in committees, how committees recruit to key roles and how these opportunities link to career development and progression;.
  • working collaboratively  on a specific piece of work relevant to career development (on the job learning);
  • providing an opportunity to explore a challenge or problem, consider options, review  implications and  plan future action;
  • sharing knowledge, experiences, insights and lessons learnt as relevant.