What is ECDP?

The Programme provides the mechanism by which newly appointed early career academic staff at Grade 7 and 8 are supported in developing their academic skills and in progressing their career. The Programme: 

  • aims to develop high achieving, high performing academics who will support the University to deliver its vision and ambitions as articulated in the current Strategic Plan: World Changers Together.
  • provides learning and development opportunities in all aspects of the academic role, including allocation of a mentor to provide support and advice, the creation of a Personal Development Plan and the setting of annual objectives to enable academics to develop the abilities to meet the criteria for promotion to Grade 9 within a defined timescale.

Further information can be found in our 'Quick Guide' resource.

Who is the ECDP for?

ECDP provides the framework within which newly appointed/promoted early career academic employees, employed at Grades 7 and 8, are supported in developing their skills and experience and progressing their careers.

ECDP includes staff on the following career tracks:

  • Research and Teaching Track
  • Learning, Teaching & Scholarship Track
  • Research only Track: independent researchers as confirmed by the VP/Head of College (i.e. with Principal Investigator status, normally Grade 8)


'The University Strategy: World Changers Together, outlines our ambitions for  Glasgow to be a world class, world changing University.  Bringing inspiring people together by attracting exceptional people to the University and investing in their professional development, is a key focus of the strategy. ECDP has been a significant new development initiative for the University to encourage and support all early career academic staff to reach their potential and achieve their ambitions as successful academics.

Professor Frank Coton, Vice Principal (Academic Planning & Technological Innovation)

'The Early Career Development Programme gives our staff a unique opportunity to progress to Grade 9 (Senior Lecturer or equivalent) in no more than eight years from appointment at Grade 7 and five from Grade 8. It engages our early career staff across the whole range of experience and success needed for a shining career at a leading international university. Inspiring people to be inspiring, it lies at the heart of the step change in the University's ambitions for our future.'

Professor Murray Pittock, Pro-Vice Principal - Special Projects