In all cases, overtime must be authorised in advance by the Head of School/Research Institute/Service or an authorised deputy.

All employees, irrespective of job family employed up to and including grade 5 will be eligible to receive overtime payments for hours worked in excess of 35 hours per week in accordance with the table outlined below:-

Monday – Saturday Hourly rate x 1.5 (Time and a half)
Sunday Hourly rate x 2 (Double time)
Public Holidays Hourly rate x 2 (Double time)

For part-time staff to be eligible for overtime rates of pay they must have worked in excess of 35 hours per week.

The University is committed to reducing the overall requirement and need for overtime working. Whilst there may continue to be a need for additional hours to be worked, there is a joint agreement between the University and the recognised trade unions that staff will not be required to work overtime unless contracted to do so.