University of Glasgow HESA Student Data

HESA is the Higher Education Statistics Agency. The University returns data to HESA every year. 

HESA data provides much of the source information for League Tables and HESA Performance Indicators which are published each year.

Please note that the HESA Standard Registration population and the QlikView Standard population student headcounts cannot be compared. 

  • HESA headcounts are for reporting, i.e. all students, including withdrawn, online learning etc.
  • QlikView student headcounts are for operational use i.e. actual students physically at the university, not including withdrawn, online learning etc. 

QlikView headcounts are less than HESA headcounts because they exclude various categories of students.  To follow is an example for one year (rounded to the nearest 100):

  • Withdrawn (~700)
  • Online Learning (~500)
  • Distance Learning (~200)
  • Staff Learning (~200)
  • There are other small differences in "not send to HESA" plans which are in QlikView but not HESA.

In summary, if you require operational numbers, i.e. who is physically here, then use the QlikView student headcount model.  If you require the headcount of all students, or to compare against other UK institutions, then use the HESA data. The QlikView student headcount contains students who are physically on campus.  The HESA data contains students who we actually reported to HESA,  for which we are bound by HESA guidelines and coverage rules.