NSS Staff Information

Participation in the NSS is, for Scottish Universities, a condition of our funding from the Scottish Funding Council. As such, our students are eligible to participate and we want to support their engagement without creating additional pressures on them.

Suggested Engagement for Schools

  • Please do not email students solely regarding the NSS.
  • Please do:
  • 1. Use the resources provided on this web page below, in particular:
    • What you should tell your students
    • Promotional Advice for Staff 2024(pptx)
    • Use digital posters (where students have an on-campus presence)
    • Prizes (if you think that would be useful)
  • 2. Seek advice from the UofG Survey Team or the Student Communications Team by emailing UofG Surveys
  • 3. Try to get some of these messages across:

    • That this is a national survey which runs every year and is run by a national organisation (Ipsos MORI) on behalf of Universities
    • Remind students that their feedback should reflect their entire time at the University and be reflective of their School/Subject
    • That we very much value and act on the feedback they give us through the NSS: You Said, We Did!
    • Direct students to the Student NSS web page if they would like further background/FAQs: www.gla.ac.uk/students/nss/ or to the UofG Survey Team for help/information by emailing: UofG Survey
  • IPSOS MORI, who run the NSS, will continue to contact students therefore we should make it clear that students should either complete the survey or opt-out to bring an end to any further communication about NSS participation.


Further information for students

The Survey will be open from Mon 5th Feb until 30th April 2024.

The survey is the chance for undergraduates to feedback on their experiences of teaching and learning. This is an opportunity for them to tell us what went well and what could have been improved. Knowing what undergraduates think allows us to address issues and keep doing what is valued.

The survey is confidential and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Individuals will not be identified from the results.

The university is offering cash prizes which are randomly selected from the students who complete the survey online (top prize £500, with 5 x £100 runners up prizes).  These are randomly selected by Ipsos because the survey is confidential and we cannot see who completes it.  

Schools are welcome to offer local incentives too.  

How will students find out about the survey?

The University and SRC will be promoting the survey to help encourage as many eligible students as possible to complete it online and to give their feedback. The more students who complete, the more representative it will be.

Staff Resources

Please use the following resources and guidance when promoting the NSS to students in your College/School: 

If you have any questions about the NSS please contact: 
Jacqueline MacGowan - Jacqueline.MacGowan@glasgow.ac.uk
or Jacqueline Jack - Jacqueline.Jack@glasgow.ac.uk

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