Student Survey

Student Survey poster inviting students to take part


Survey Details

What is the Student Survey?

The Student Survey is an annual survey of our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught student population. 

This is an opportunity for students to feedback in four main areas:

  • Learning & Teaching Experience 
  • Exams
  • Student Support
  • Community & Social opportunities

This will help the university better understand the student experience during each academic year. 

It will allow us to plan and monitor across a number of areas such as class design; future assessment methods; teaching delivery; improving student support; and how we use our campus.

The feedback will help inform strategies to improve both the academic and non-academic aspects of the student experience and outcomes.

We will be able to identify and address issues which affect students.


Why should I complete the survey?

The collective student voice is powerful and will directly impact the education of current and prospective students.

You will be helping the university understand its weaknesses and strengths, which will lead to policy changes in order to make improvements for you and other students, both now and in the future. 

What will I be asked about?

The survey asks you about the following aspects of your experience at the university:

  • Learning & Teaching Experience
  • Exams
  • Student Support including Health & Wellbeing
  • Additional Skills & Training 
  • Community & Social 

When will I be surveyed?

The survey is run annually in April/May and you will be invited to take part at the end of April.  

How will I be surveyed?

You will receive an email from the university on 22 April inviting you to complete the survey online. You can take the survey on most devices so you can complete it on the morning commute, on your lunch hour over a sandwich or when you have some time to spare in your day. 

Look out for an email from: Student Surveys <>

Who will contact me about the survey?

The Student Survey will be delivered to you by the University of Glasgow.

The email will come from the university using this email address:

Student Surveys <>

The email will contain a link to the online survey for you to complete the survey. 


How long will the survey take to complete?

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete online.

How do I make sure I am invited to take part in the survey?

The university will use your MyCampus student record system to identify the eligible survey population of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students. 

All you need to do is look out for the email coming from the university on the 22nd April. 

Then you can respond to the email survey invitation when you receive it with the online survey link. 

Can I take the survey at a different time?

You can take the Student Survey any time from 22 April before the closing date on 6 May. 


What are the results of previous surveys?

Students will be issued the results of the survey via the Student Newsletter. 

You can also see the impact of previous surveys here: You Said, We Did!

Privacy and Data Protection

How will my responses be used?

Your responses will be used by the university to assess and improve aspects of Learning & Teaching Experience, Exams, Student Support, Community & Social.

Your individual answers won’t be used to make decisions about you.

Please see the Student Privacy Notice which tells you how any personal data which students submit will be utilised and protected, and the rights they have in relation to it: Student Survey Privacy Notice

See the impact of previous surveys: You Said, We Did!

What is the university’s legal basis for collecting my Contact Details?

The university is using ‘Legitimate Interest’ and 'Substantial Public Interest' as the lawful basis for processing your personal data and special category data in this instance.

You can refer to the Student Survey Privacy Notice for details about the processing and management of your personal data.

This tells you how any personal data and special category data you submit with your responses will be utilised and protected, and the rights you have in relation to it. 

What if I don't want to be surveyed?

It is not compulsory to complete the survey but we hope you understand the benefit that your input will have for the current and future of education of yourself and other students.

To opt-out please use the 'Click here to unsubscribe' option at the end of your invitation email. 

You can also request to opt-out of the Student Survey at any time, by emailing the university at: UofG Surveys

Further Information

Who runs the Student Survey?

The survey is delivered by the university's Planning, Insight & Analytics Survey Team.  

Where can I find further information?

If you have any other questions regarding the survey please email the university at: UofG Surveys Help Desk

If you have any other questions about the university’s processing of your personal data please contact:
the University’s Data Protection web pages or contact or telephone: 0141 330 3111.