Permit to Work Form

Maintenance Staff

Estates personnel require access to all areas for maintenance purposes.
Whenever they enter a "controlled" or "supervised" radiation area they must do so only after the RPS has issued a Permit to Work stating that the area has been monitored and is safe to carry out maintenance. Certain occasions require the presence of a member of the RPS to monitor the procedure: ie when breaking into radioactive drains or the repair of leaks from designated sinks.

External contractors

External contractors are accorded similar facilities as University personnel, but they must contact the Radiation Protection Service prior to commencement of work so that safety procedures may be put in place for their workmen. A Permit to Work will be issued by the RPS to the local radiation supervisor or their deputy – it is then the responsibility of the LRPS, or their Deputy, to present a handover certificate to the external contractor prior to any work being undertaken.

The “controlled area” is thus temporarily handed over to the contractor, who is suitably trained and will carry out work under their employer’s Local Rules. The employer who designates the area is responsible for compliance with IRR17.

Cleaning Staff

Cleaning staff may enter "supervised" radiation areas without requiring a Permit to Work. It is the duty of radiation workers in these areas to ensure that the laboratory is left in a tidy and contamination free state at the end of each working day. Cleaners must not be asked to tidy benches where radioactivity or other hazardous chemicals are used. Cleaners are not permitted to enter "controlled" radiation areas unless the area is radiation free and a Permit to Work has been issued by the Radiation Protection Service.