Concordat for Career Development of Researchers

Our ambition is that every researcher should be enabled to be at their best, and to make informed and active choices about their career ahead.

The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers ('the Concordat') was published in September 2019. The Concordat, which is a revision of the document first published in 2008, sets out sector expectations for supporting the career development of our research-only staff.

The University of Glasgow (UofG) signed up to the Concordat on the 1st May 2020. As a signatory of the Concordat, we have committed to improving the employment and support for researchers. Supporting researchers to develop not only towards academic careers but towards a diversity of careers post-academic careers. We see the Concordat as a key instrument for achieving the Research Strategy and a positive Research Culture at the UofG. 

We published our Concordat University-level Action Plan 2020-2023 in May 2020, which was produced through consultation with researchers (via a prioritisation survey, and the Postdoctoral Researcher Forum). The action plan for 2020–2023 sets out our key priorities for addressing the aims of the Concordat, and details high-level approaches for how we might implement them. This approach was taken to enable us to explore potential solutions and how best to meet the priorities with the wider sector, and pilot them before full implementation. We have used our action plan and the priorities outlined to consult and develop initiatives to support UofG researchers, as well as engage and work with the sector to start to address systemic challenges that face research-only staff.  

Our Researcher Development Concordat Annual Report 2020-2021 provides an update on our 3-year action plan, including key successes, progress against our milestones and our signatory responsibilities, key learnings for future delivery and our priorities for the coming year.

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HR Excellence in Research Award

Between 2010 and 2019, the focus of Research Staff policy was the HR Excellence in Research Award, which you can read more about on our HR Excellence webpage. This documentation has now been superseded by the Concordat.