Disabled Evacuation

In the event of an emergency, the lifts will not be in use.

If you need help to evacuate via the stairs, assistance is available.

Who to Advise:

  • The building attendant of the building that you need assistance in evacuating;
  • OR Security and Operational Support on (0141) 330 4282 (Gilmorehill) or (0141) 330 5799 (Garscube Vet School);
  • OR The individual you are visiting.

If the fire alarm is activated in an emergency:

  1. Make your way to the nearest fire exit stairway;
  2. Inform the Fire Warden or other building users that you need help so that they can pass on this information to those managing the evacuation.
  3. If there is a telephone at your refuge area, use this to inform Security and Operational Support of your location. If there is not a telephone near you, use a mobile phone. Phone numbers in 'Who to Advise' section above.
  4. Stay in the stairway refuge area until the evacuation team arrive.