Trip-specific Travel Risk Assessment template (Issue 2.0) - use for higher risk travel (Word document)

Where travel involves additional significant risks beyond the low level risks anticipated by the Generic Travel Risk Assessment such as travel to more hazardous destinations, or methods and modes of transport that may pose higher risks, completion of a Trip-specific Risk Assessment is required. This is a more comprehensive process and will normally apply to:

  • Higher risk travel within the UK
  • Travel to destinations outside the UK where there is a Government FCDO travel warning in place. This includes FCDO warnings either against 'all travel', or against 'all but essential travel'.
  • Overseas travel where there are significant additional risks, beyond those covered within the Generic Travel Assessment. for example sudden civil unrest or security issues, weather events etc. 

The form requires basic trip details, completion of a formal written risk assessment and evaluation of the overall risk level and provides for written authorisation by higher levels of management, where this is required by the University Business and Study Travel Policy. Some of these details are also recorded within the Travel Portal However, they are required on this form too, so that senior managers have sight of the overall travel plan and risk assessment before authorisation.

It is possible that, in some cases, completion of the Trip-specific assessment will indicate that the travel remains low risk despite the factors that have triggered the need for a specific assessment. In this case the assessment should be retained on record as evidence of this conclusion and the procedures for low risk travel followed within the TRICAP portal. The assessment may be requested for review by SEPS or Security.