Generic Low Risk Travel Risk Assessment (Issue 2.0) - applicable to low risk travel. (Word document)

The Generic Travel Risk Assessment is intended to apply where there is minimal hazard to the health and safety of individuals and exposure only to low-level background risks that are broadly comparable to normal day-to-day life risks encountered within safe areas of the UK and internationally. This will typically apply to:

  • Travel to low risk destinations within the UK
  • Travel to destinations beyond the UK where there is no Government FCDO warning against travel in place, and no foreseeable additional significant risks.

The form is designed as a stand-alone risk assessment and no user additions are normally needed, although there is provision for users to add content where this is considered desirable or informative as a record of the risks considered. Such additions can be made, provided the overall risk remains low.

If approval is required within the TRICAP portal, all that is required for low risk travel is to acknowledge that its is being undertaken within the scope of the Generic Travel Risk Assessment by ticking the appropriate box to indicate this.