Many University of Glasgow staff and students routinely travel within the UK or to carry out work overseas.  This may involve short and longer term field work, attendance at conferences or meetings and a range of other activities. By law, all travel requires some level of risk assessment. The risk assessment procedures below are intended to address this and to comply with the University policies on travel.

Two alternative methods of risk assessment are provided, depending on the nature of the trip. A Generic Travel Risk Assessment, pre-completed and applicable to low-risk travel and a Trip-specific Risk Assessment for use where greater risks may reasonably be anticipated. 

(Note that additional fieldwork or placement risk assessments may be required unless that aspect of the trip can be adequately covered within a Trip-specific Risk Assessment or is of minimal risk.)

Preliminary risk evaluation
To decide which approach is most suitable for a particular trip, the traveller should evaluate the nature of the travel and associated risks at the planning stage. This can  be done in consultation with their line manager /academic supervisor if there is a possibility that the trip is not clearly low-risk.

The Generic Travel Risk Assessment will normally be sufficient for business or study travel provided there are no additional significant hazards associated with the trip that are dissimilar to the basic day-to-day risks covered within the document. Significant hazards means any factors that introduce additional non-trivial levels of risk in relation to any aspect of the travel. Most day-to-day routine business travel within the UK and travel to low-risk international destinations will fall within the scope of the Generic Travel Risk Assessment and should not require additional detailed assessment.

If there are any significant additional risks, including FCDO advice against travel, the Trip-specific Risk Assessment procedure should be followed to consider these additional risks more closely. Use of this form is mandatory if travel is planned to any location within an area that is subject to a FCDO travel warning.