War Studies & Conflict Archaeology Research Students

War Studies and Conflict Archaeology at Glasgow has an active postgraduate community, carrying out research on a wide range of topics from Medieval to Modern History.

Current Research Students


  • Peter Aitken: The effectiveness of Allied special operations in WW2
  • Richard Brija: The American Underground in WWI: Preserving  Hallowed Legacy
  • Richard Burklund: Corpses in the Grass”: Strategic Culture and Combat Effectiveness in the Pacific War; A Case Study of the U.S. Seventh Infantry Division
  • Elizabeth Carlton: From Commando Country to Bomber County: A comparative study into how museums from differing regions of the UK present WW2 experiences through object displays
  • Christina Chatzitheodorou: A historical comparative study of the role of female partisans in Greece, Italy, France, and Spain in the 1930s and 1940s
  • Craig Conner: Scottish Military Culture and Highland and Lowland Elites: A Comparative Study, 1493-1625
  • Jonathan Cooper: Scottish regiments in Singapore 1942-1945
  • James Gallacher: The accomplishments of their ancestors: memory and crusading in England, France and Burgundy in 15C
  • Adam Gordon: The Evolution of British Intelligence and Security Structures, 1870-1914
  • Stephen Hanna: Total Intelligence and Total War: In what ways did concepts and perceptions of intelligence change during the inter-war period in the United Kingdom and Japan with regards to it's efficacy, applicability, and utility in winning increasingly 'total' wars.
  • Aileen Lichtenstein: A transatlantic revolutionary moment? The dynamics of cross-border activism in Europe and the US, 1900-1923
  • Euan Loarridge: An analysis of community and the impact of culture in Glasgow's WWI combat infantry batallions 1914-20
  • Katherine MacKinnon: Oral histories of refugee lives in Scotland 1974 - present
  • Fraser McGowan: Intelligence culture as intelligence practice: the U.S. National Intelligence Council, 1979-1991
  • Adam McNeil: Defending Poitou and Gascony, 1204-1307: Plantagenet Militar
  • Sophia Nash: What factors led to the generally poor reputation of British mounted troops in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
  • Blythe Paterson: Why Build?: Motivations behind fortified building in fourteenth century Northumberland
  • Clément Renault: Predict to prevent: the use and function of anticipation in intelligence
  • Derrick Rowe: An Imperial Moment: American’s Conquest of the Philippines
  • William Spencer: THe official record: for whom?
  • Ole Tørrisplass: Airpower for effective small state strategy in a competitive world
  • David Waterman: The Identity of Associate Scottish Infantry Regiments
  • Michael Wolven: A history of Humanitarian Evacuations
  • Laura Zenner: The First World War Centenary and its legacy

MPhil by Research

  • Josh Fordham: Command & Control: An Analysis of Headquarters Size at the Operational and Tactical Levels in a Conventional Battlespace
  • Sam Hamad: The Advance of liberalism in the Era of the War on Terror
  • Johnny Lian: Norwegian National Police Special Response Units
  • Freddy Rotseth: Norwegian Police Crisis Management Structure

Completed War Studies Theses

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