Professor Jeff Evans

‌Director of Institute of Cancer Sciences

‘Our vision is to treat cancer patients individually, with customised drugs, targeted treatments and diagnostic options that are less toxic and more effective.’

Professor Jeff Evans’ ground-breaking research in cancer and his management of significant clinical trials are giving cancer patients throughout the world new hope, thanks to treatments being tested at Glasgow.

Jeff Evans, is Director of the Institute of Cancer Sciences and lead of the Glasgow Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, and a Professor of Translational Cancer Research.

Currently, he is investigating drugs that could stop pancreatic cancer from spreading; a major problem in this disease. Working with Cancer Research UK (CRUK), Professor Evans is leading a first-of-its-kind pancreatic cancer trial to make cancer cells more responsive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Most cancer deaths are caused by the disease spreading, so finding drugs that can slow or halt this process is an important goal for cancer researchers. Professor Evans and his team are researching several new drugs that have the potential to tackle this problem in people with pancreatic cancer.

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Professor Evan’s clinical research interests are in the pre-clinical and clinical development of novel anti-cancer agents including molecular targeted therapies and gene therapy.