Professor Rhian Touyz

‌Director of Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences

Professor Rhian Touyz’s world-leading research in the area of hypertension, specifically into the molecular, cellular and vascular biology of hypertension, stemmed from encountering many hospital patients who had suffered preventable stroke, cardiac failure or kidney disease due to the condition.

Professor Touyz’s areas of research include clinical and experimental hypertension, signal transduction, oxidative stress, redox biology, ion transport, vascular biology, adipose tissue biology and diabetes. She has a particular interest in translational and clinical research.

Professor Touyz has received numerous awards, including the Dahl Award from the American Heart Association (AHA), the Harriet Dustan Award from the AHA and the Robert M Berne Distinguished Award from the American Physiological Society. She recently received the Distinguished Scientist Award from the American Society of Hypertension (ASH). She is also the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine and is an honorary consultant at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

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Professor Touyz’s focus of research relates to the molecular, cellular and vascular mechanisms of hypertension. Her mission is to unravel the fundamental causes of hypertension, which will allow for improved prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the condition.