Our ESRC eligible Units of Assessment - Who To Contact About Your Application

Applicants who have definite plans to submit an application should:

a) Read all of the guidance carefully on the SGSSS website on how to apply for an ESRC Student-led Open Competition Studentship.

b) Identify a potential supervisor.

Your are strongly advised to allow sufficient time to do this. Your supervisor must agree to accept you as a potential supervisee and be happy to support your application, as they will be required to submit a Statement of Support. This Statement of Support is not required for the Stage 1 application process but our PGr lead may wish to see this in advance to assess your application.

c) Contact the relevant PGR lead (see list below) with your application (ideally before Monday 20 November 2023) to allow them to provide feedback. 

More details about the Challenge-Led Pathways and SGSSS PGR Leads can be be found on the SGSSS website.

The complete application process and required documentation is provided on the SGSSS Student-led Open Competition webpage.

d) You will have to create an account on SGSSS Apply - Register

The deadline to upload application documentation to SGSSS Apply is Friday, 6 pm (GMT) on 1 December 2023.

Registering on SGSSS Apply in plenty of time allows your account to be verified by the SGSSS, as this is done during office hours only. 

It is of the upmost importance that you contact your two referees as soon as possible and let them know that they will be expected to provide a reference for you, no later than 6pm on 1 December 2023 (reference deadline).

Please refer to the reference section within the Guidance for Students document on SGSSS website so you are fully aware of how to manage your reference requests and the implications of missing and/or late references. It is also vital that you submit your referees details as soon as possible via your online application within SGSSS Apply.


PGR Leads