PGR Code of Practice

PGR Code of Practice

Download: 22/23 PGR Code of Practice

The University of Glasgow recognises that research students make a vital contribution to our institution’s research output, culture and international reputation as a dynamic, competitive, research-led university.

The University has agreed that some aspects of a postgraduate research student’s experience are common across all disciplines.  The University’s Graduate Schools have therefore developed a Postgraduate Research (PGR) Code of Practice, which sets out guidelines to students and staff about the most effective practice for each stage in a postgraduate student’s life.  These are the expected standards that all staff and students should maintain. 

It is important that postgraduate research students:

  • receive the highest quality of support from University staff;
  • are encouraged and supported to have an excellent student experience;
  • have access to the correct information and resources to facilitate the satisfactory completion of their research;
  • develop the skills needed for their future careers;
  • are aware of their roles and responsibilities as well as those of their supervisors and other University staff.

Summary of important changes to the 2022/23 Code of Practice

  • A small update was made to Section 10 (para 10.12) to refer to a longstanding arrangement for the duration of the PhD for clinical fellows.
  • Updates were made to paragraphs 10.66 – 10.69 related to remote participation in examination.  Text was updated to include reference to the possibility that examinations might take place in a hybrid format with some parties online and some parties on campus as well as to make adjustments to the text reflecting practice that has evolved over the pandemic period.
  • Text was updated throughout to reflect changes to MVLS’ structure, removing reference to Research Institutes, and changes to Service names, such as the change of the Senate Office to ‘Academic Policy & Governance’.