Policy, Strategy & Quality Assurance

This page links to policies, guidance, and quality processes that support the PGR experience at the University.  The starting points for understanding the policy landscape for PGR in the University are the University Regulations and the PGR Code of Practice. These are both updated annually.

PGRs are also strongly advised to ensure that they understand the broader context of conducting research within the University and to develop an understanding of Research Integrity and the University's policies that support Good Research Practice.

Please review the sections below to find information about quality assurance and University policies and guidance on a range of topics.

PGR Code of Practice

Academic Policy and Governance (Senate) Office Policies

Annual Progress Review

*NEW* Online Annual Progress Review (COSE and COSS)

Information about the annual review process for MVLS can be found on their web pages and in Arts in the PGR Moodle.

Payment of PGR External Examiners

External Examiners for Research Degree Examinations (only) may now (from March 2022) be paid through a sundry payee process using one of the forms below.  You will no longer have to perform Right to Work checks and register examiners in CORE through an HR process. Examiners are considered to be self-employed for this purpose and will need to ensure that they meet their personal obligations to HMRC in this regard.

Please note that this process is exclusively for research degree examinations as these are single events rather than an ongoing provision of services or an employment relationship with the University of Glasgow. Where an examiner has an existing employment relationship with the university, e.g. as an external examiner on a UG or PGT programme, please consult the Finance Pay and Pensions team to ensure you are using the correct process. If you require information about external examiners for UG or PGT courses, please contact the Senate Office.

Schools, Institutes or Graduate Schools (as appropriate) must collect the necessary information and submit the relevant Sundry Payee Form to Finance on behalf of the external examiners, providing the necessary details, e.g. confirmation of fee, appropriate confirmation of bank account, any receipts for expenses, appropriate account and sub-project codes and contact information for the administrative unit forwarding the form for payment.  Full details are provided in the procedure notes on each form.

The form below can be sent to examiners for completion:

UofG PGR External Examiners Claim Form

Schools, Institutes or Graduate Schools must check the returned form to make sure examiners have provided the details and evidence needed to complete a Sundry Payee Form. When an examiner has a Non-UK bank account, it is important to make sure they have confirmed their bank can accept GBP payments, or have provided details of an intermediary bank that can accept GBP payments.

Schools, Institutes or Graduate Schools should submit a Sundry Payee Form to Finance for processing payments. Please note that there is a separate form for paying Non-UK bank accounts. Please make sure to review the procedure notes on the form to ensure that it is possible to pay in the required currency. 

Sundry Payee Form - PGR External Examiners

Sundry Payee Form - PGR External Examiners (Non-UK)

The Sundry Payee form should include the completed UoG PGR External Examiners Form and also any receipts in respect of additional expenses.  It is important to check the form includes the writing shown in red at the top of the page before sending it to Finance.

PGR External Examiner Fees are currently as follows:

Masters Degrees by Research £125

PhD and EdD £200

MD and other Higher Degrees by Research £250

(To confirm any research degree not listed, please contact your Graduate School)

For questions about financial processing, please contact the Financial Operations team.  For queries about the overall process in your schools, institutes or college, please contact your Graduate School. For information about this web page or the overall process, please contact the PGR Team.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The University strives to ensure that we have robust and sound research practices, adhere to national quality frameworks and processes, and that we deliver an excellent service to our postgraduate researchers. Details of PGR surveys about their experience and our key PGR quality process can be found at the followign links: