The Glasgow context

We will meet the changing demands of the sector through our ability to adapt and work as a community.

We value the quality of what we do over its quantity, and recognise different contributions to research.

Now, as in the University’s history, our researchers show curiosity, openness, a strong social commitment and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Our Research Beacons illustrate the breadth and depth of our expertise, our ability to work together to address global goals and our commitment to deliver economic and societal change, both locally and internationally.

In adapting to the changing sector, we will adhere to the principles developed in the 2015–2020 strategic cycle.

We value the quality of our research over its quantity

Regardless of its form, we celebrate all research that makes a difference and stands the test of time. This was reinforced by the external research reviews of each academic unit, which strengthened the disciplinary-level understanding of the significance and rigour of our work. This emphasis on quality over quantity is central to our recruitment, promotion and annual appraisals.

The University succeeds when our individual researchers succeed

Since 2015, we have greatly strengthened research support and embedded this expertise alongside researchers themselves. We have supported around 130 early and independent research careers through our £18m Lord Kelvin/Adam Smith fellowship scheme. Our support for open access has resulted in one of the most successful projects in the world, ensuring that our work is visible to our peers and future collaborators.

How research is done is as important as what research is done.

Researchers succeed in an environment that is fair and supportive. We have started to update our research culture, for example by embedding collegiality in our promotions criteria, and have published our culture action plan for 2020–2025.