Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you need to be a Black UK Domiciled applicant i.e. you must be ordinarily resident in the UK and have a UK passport or indefinite leave to remain in the UK: the full conditions are shown under Home, Scotland or Rest of UK for fee purposes here:

When will I find out if I am successful?

We will invite shortlisted candidates to interview in March and confirm decisions by the end of the month.

Do I need to submit references with my application?

In terms of references, you need not submit these by 31 January and as long as the application is submitted and two referees are named an automated email will be sent to the referee following submission of the application.

I have submitted the expression of interest form. Is this all I need to do to apply?

You also have to submit the regular online PhD application form and register on the scholarship portal by 31 January. The expression of interest form allows us to contact you to offer support with the application process.

Do I need to submit a research proposal?

This is not required for research study in the College of Medicine, Veterinary or Life Sciences or in the Schools of Physics & Astronomy and Mathematics & Statistics. In many other areas research proposals are required. Check with your proposed supervisor whether a research proposal is required in your chosen area. 

I have contacted a supervisor but not heard back. Why?

There could be a number of reasons for this, including the supervisor being unable to offer supervision at this time, or for your specific project. If you have not heard back, then contact us via We endeavour to match as many people as possible with supervisors but this will not always be possible. If no match is achieved, please consider reviewing your proposed research area to align with one of our academic supervisors. 

Do I need a Masters?

This not a requirement per se for the scholarships, but there are some areas (for example, most areas in the College of Arts & Humanities and some in Social Sciences) in which the supervisor will require that students have the technical knowledge that a Masters provides. 

What will the interview involve?

Those candidates who are invited for interview will receive information on the interview structure and format and tips/advice before being interviewed via zoom.

Successful candidates will then be invited to visit Glasgow and meet their supervisor if they wish.

Can the research project be undertaken remotely?

Our preference is to build a community of scholars on site in Glasgow. Whether or not research can be conducted remotely will need to be agreed with the supervisor and is only possible for some projects and is unlikely to be the case for most projects in Science & Engineering and Medicine, Veterinary & Life Sciences (i.e. those which are lab-based and experimental etc). Even if this is possible, there will still be a requirement to come to Glasgow for events/training and the placement aspect may need to be conducted in-person.

It is really important to us that you feel part of a community of researchers at Glasgow, so we do want to bring the Scholars together to meet one another.