Dr Hormoz Ramian

  • Lecturer (Accounting & Finance)


Hormoz’s research studies how joint macroeconomic policies provide welfare gains to society. Understanding the interdependencies among regulatory policies remains an open area of research with welfare implications. Conflicting effects among policies may lead to over-regulation and disruptions in the credit flow to the real economy. Alternatively, policies decided in isolation may lead to under-regulation, heightened default risk with possibly failures with socially undesirable outcomes. Hormoz’s research agenda is focused on providing a framework to understand policy interdependencies and show how a comprehensive financial regulation collectively advances the efficiency of the financial system.

Hormoz was previously affiliated with Cambridge Judge Business School as a postdoctoral research associate in finance and earlier finished his doctoral studies in finance at Imperial College London and served as a member of Imperial College Student Investment Fund.

Research interests

Hormoz is a member of the School's Finance research cluster.

Areas of expertise:

  • Financial Regulation
  • Macro-Finance
  • Asset Pricing


Supervisory interests

  • Asset Pricing
  • Financial Regulation
  • Monetary Policy

Current supervision

  • Mei, Shengfeng
    The Determinants and the Real Effect of Credit Line: Evidence from Europe
  • Wang, Tongtong
    Currency Excess Return and Volume in FX Market


  • Asset Pricing
  • Financial Markets and Financial Institutions
  • International Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Machine Learning