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Confidential listening service

How the peer support group can help you

Adam Smith Business School (ASBS) Peer Support is a confidential listening service run by students, for students.

We are there for you when you need to talk about any aspect of your life.

When students look to each other for help in thinking through issues and for emotional support, there are times when this can leave others (fellow students, friends and family) feeling out of their depth. This is where we can step in as Peer Supporters. We are extensively trained and have a variety of resources to assist.

How to become a peer supporter

The Peer Wellbeing Support programme is delivered and supervised by the University of Glasgow’s Peer Wellbeing Support Team, who provide 30 hours of necessary training.

Skills taught

The skills taught include:

  • Being a good listener
  • Helping others to feel more comfortable with social, academic and personal relationships
  • Helping others to make decisions without giving advice
  • Managing and communicating around sensitive issues.

An emphasis is placed on the listener learning their own limits within the listening situation and when best to refer the person on to an appropriate agency within the University.


Post-training supervision is an integral part of the programme and ensures that supporters are not acting (or being asked to act) as counsellors. Supervision will provide a space for supporters to reflect on their practice and develop and enhance their skills as well as providing an opportunity for the work to be monitored. Additionally, compulsory fortnightly supervision will provide regular support and continuing personal development to the supporters.


If you're interested in becoming a Peer Supporter, please contact Stephen Fiddes for further information.

Recruitment opportunities will be advertised at the beginning of the semester.