Advanced Project Skills Summer School 2024

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Who is it for?

This course introduces advanced project methodologies and practices, accompanied by a substantial individual project addressing a challenge in engineering. The projects will last for 5 weeks and give an opportunity for students to gain experience of working in an advanced academic environment on a problem they are unfamiliar with. The students are expected to develop technical skills and understanding in a chosen specialty, understand the basic methodology of the projects, enhance their presentation skills, and gain experience on project management.

Study dates

Full-time study over a period of five weeks during the summer holiday in July and early August. As with our programme for 2022/23, the Summer School will be delivered in person in 2024. Study dates will be confirmed to nominated students each year before applications close.

Aims of the Glasgow College UESTC Summer School

  • Introduce students to working on advanced engineering projects at university
  • Encourage independent thought and work
  • Develop technical skills and understanding in a chosen speciality
  • Encourage the application of the student’s current knowledge
  • Provide the opportunity to work in an exciting area of engineering technology
  • Develop presentation skills, both for a report and an oral presentation
  • Give experience of project management.

By the end of this course students will be able to: 

  • Review and analyse critically the scientific and engineering literature relevant to a specific topic
  • Demonstrate intelligent application of their prior knowledge, skills and understanding within a field that may be unfamiliar to them
  • Conduct high quality technical work as an individual and/or as a member of a team in an academic environment
  • Demonstrate specific methodologies associated with their chosen project area; and communicate the intermediate and final outcomes of their project orally with appropriate visual aids and in a written report.
  • Communicate the intermediate and final outcomes of their project orally with appropriate visual aids and in a written report

Advanced Projects

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University of Glasgow gathers project proposals from academic staff. We aim to collect 80+ projects with more than 50 available seats. The collected projects will have wide coverage, from hardware to software, from theory to practice, with the disciplines of electrical engineering, communication engineering and microelectronics.

Click here to view the full list of projects in offer for Summer 2024:

APSSS 2024 Project List


Glasgow College, UESTC sends a list of projects to students who are in 2nd and 3rd year of the dual degree programme at Glasgow College, UESTC to help them decide if the programme is of interest to them.  Interested students need to apply to Glasgow College, UESTC by early June. In some cases, applications may be considered from 1st year students.

The number of places will be restricted, and entry will be competitive, based on academic performance. 

If your nomination is confirmed, you must apply via the University of Glasgow International Summer School online system by the advertised closing date. We will also organise in person application support sessions within Glasgow College, UESTC in due course. 

You will receive an unconditional offer and must accept this online by the relevant date. Students who accept their unconditional offers will be asked to select the project they would like to study. Some titles tend to be more popular than others so students will be asked to select a first, second & third choice.  

Registration, Enrolment and Visas

Applicants’ complete registration on MyCampus student portal and pay the fees at this time. 

University of Glasgow will enrol students on their 15-credit module.  

As the Advanced Project Skills Summer School will be in person once again in 2023/24, visas are required.


The course costs £1,000 - a significant reduction from previous years (when it was £2,043). This covers:

  • Tuition
  • Orientation and welcome events
  • Scottish cultural immersion programme 
  • Some project-specific consumables and stationery as required

Social and Cultural Immersion Programme

The International Summer School team are supported by Senior UoG students, hosting a variety of online social and cultural events for all International Summer School students.

Glasgow Clydeside - Armadillo, Finnieston Crane and Science Centre

Students can join the in person events which will be a mix of interactive and informative sessions that provide an opportunity to learn about Scottish and Glaswegian culture and visit, virtually, some of the beautiful scenery and destinations that showcase Scotland at its best. Field trips are part of the timetable, with some also happening at weekends for those who wish to join voluntarily.

Detailed information will be provided in person and via both Moodle (the UoG 'virtual learning environment') and a dedicated WeChat group.

We can't wait to welcome you to Glasgow!