Our research

Our research aims to generate the evidence, insight and knowledge that hold the key to improving population health.

Jointly funded by The Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office (CSO), and as part of the University of Glasgow, we take a world-changing outlook to the potential of our research. Our research programmes focus on the prevention of ill-health across the whole population.

Our multidisciplinary team develops and applies the latest research methods to help us to understand what is happening, identify mechanisms that can bring about change, and develop and assess policies and programmes designed to improve health and reduce inequalities.

Two of our research programmes reflect key areas which critically shape the health and wellbeing of populations and where efforts to improve health can be focused. These are the relationships we have with friends, colleagues and family, and the places in which we live.

Our systems science programme seeks to understand how policies across different government sectors influence the social, economic and environmental determinants of health.

Our two other research programmes focus on the complexity of multiple and interdependent influences on health and of actions to improve health, and a commitment to measure, understand, and reduce health inequalities.

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